“PETRO ENERGY” was initially incorporated in 1984.  Originally known as “PETRO ENERGY EQUIPMENT COMPANY, INC.”, the name was later revised to the more lean “PETRO ENERGY, INC.”, by which it is known today. 

Robert E. “Bob” Dendy began his manufacturer’s representative agency in about 1977 as “Southwest Pump and Equipment Company, Inc.” with one product line – Southwest Pump.  Having been exposed to the Retail Petroleum market through his first job out of college at Auburn University – Modern Welding – Bob used his networking contacts to move into the PEI petroleum equipment world. 

Southwest Pump out of Bonham, TX was one of several regional dispenser manufacturers at the time.  As Bob used to say, you had to be a pretty good salesman to sell Southwest Pumps!  After later picking up additional product lines, such as Whiteway Lighting and Richards Nozzles, it became evident that another company name would be more appropriate.  Thus “PETRO ENERGY” was born. 

One of PETRO ENERGY’S longest term employees was Mr. Les Bryant, Jr.  Les was officially retired from Union Carbide as a purchasing manager.  Having retired at a young age, and looking for something to do, and a way to make money, Les was hired by Bob as a “part time” salesman in about 1982.  Les made it a full-time job once he began selling lighting.  The son of a used car salesman, Les loved working on auto dealerships and lighting retail service stations.  Les worked for PETRO ENERGY until he passed away in 2015. 

Dean Dendy came to work at PETRO ENERGY in May of 1990.  After graduating from Baylor University on a Saturday, he came to work the following Monday, and has been working full time ever since then!  Dean really enjoys the travel that comes with being an outside sales rep, as well as the long-term relationships with the fantastic people in our industry. 

Angela (Dendy) Parr joined PETRO ENERGY in 1994 following a period at Deloitte and Touche – her first job out of college after graduating from the University of Houston.  She manages the office and all accounts payable and receivable for the company. 

Bill Rath came to work with PETRO ENERGY in May of 2017 to manage sales for the territory in Oklahoma, Arkansas and North Louisiana.  Bill graduated from Northeastern State University in Oklahoma.  Afterwards, he held positions with ICF, Apache Corporation, General Electric CDF, and KXOJ Radio.  Bill lives in Tulsa with his wife and 3 children. 

After over 40 years of working in the retail petroleum industry as a manufacturer’s rep, Bob Dendy retired from daily work at PETRO ENERGY.  He is still affiliated in a consultation role, and mostly likes to keep up on the latest with his industry friends.  Bob served on the Board of Directors for PEI, and likes to say of his friends in the industry that he has known many of you since before you got married (or remarried!), and had children or grandchildren, many of which he knows and are working in our industry today. So, like so many of the companies in our market sector, PETRO ENERGY, INC. is a family business, and benefits from the long term relationships that we build in our day-to-day activities.  The people we work with become like family, and that makes going to work each day a real pleasure.  We are looking forward to many more decades in the industry working with all of you!